In order to translate MedITEX to new language, or update existing translations of a language you need to do the following:

1. Ask MedITEX Support for a current translation file with your language. The file will arrive to you via email or via an internet link to download. It will be called "Mex Translations.SIL", it will be zipped, and you need to extract it to your desktop.

2. Download and extract the content of the following package to a temp folder: Translation Software

3. Install the translation software by following the instructions from the "readme.txt" file.

4. Now you can start working on translations: 

      - double click the file "Mex Translations.SIL" to open it

      - skip the first window

      - you should see the table with all the languages, divided in columns.

5. Find the column with your language and fill in that column with missing translations, according to the content of EN column. You may use DE column for reference, if you are familiar with German language.

6. Tips&tricks:

      - You can use standard windows copy and paste commands to duplicate one or more translations and save time.

      - Sort the source column (English) by clicking on the column header (the cell with the column name). Now it will be easier to go through the words and sentences and translate the similar ones.

If you need any help for installation of the translation software or for filling-in the translation in SIL files, do not hesitate to contact our support. 


1. It is necessary that your Windows is set to YOUR language before you start translating!: 

     - go to Control panel -> Regions and language options" 

     - set "Standards and Formats" to your country

     - go to tab "Extended" and set "Language for programs that do not support unicode" to your language.

2. If you encounter terms like „%s“ in translations: these are bookmarks which are filled out by MedITEX. So you have to translate the sentence to your language, and out %s on the right place(s).

3. If you encounter anything that you are not sure how to translate, write all together in one email and ask support for help.